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Banking and Government Solutions

Secure Paper Documents

One of our major speciality is the production of secure documents on paper. This varies from Bank Checks, lottery tickets, Birth Certificates to Tax Stamps and Parliamentary Election Cards. We provide governments, corporates and individuals with the necessary solutions to maximize the security of the critical documents they use on daily basis. We are continually developing and innovating new products and services through strategic alliances with global security and technology partners to enable us to expand our offering and protect our clients.

  • SECURITY PAPER  - Countless security features are incorporated in the paper including Fluorescence Fibres, Watermark and various types of Security features. Adoption of Eco-friendly processes and energy conservation aspects are assigned utmost importance during manufacturing.
  • INKS - Most of our inks are custom-made to help our customers in authenticating their documents and detecting attempts of fraud. It is important for our specialized team to understand what you are trying to achieve in order to select the right security inks for your document.
  • SECURITY PRODUCTS - choose from the large selection of latest technologies we offer on our products. You can find below several of the most popular security print documents that we manufacture, but we produce an extensive variety of other security documents that use the same security techniques.

Government Documents

Birth Certificates, Family books, Land Ownership certificates, Secure Government Documents 


Banking Documents

Checkbooks, Bonds, Cash Managment Checks, Cashier Checks, Deposit Slips



Fiscal Stamps, Post Stamps, Lottery tickets, Election Ballots, ID badges, Security Labels

Plastic Cards

Jordan Star manufacture travel and personal documents, secure physical and logical identification, public transportation cards, contactless access cards, smart cards and other related security documents and materials. You can choose from our different security elements, which provide various levels of protection, and different materials. Our experienced professionals can advise you which security elements will best suit your needs.


Government IDs 


RF Cards


Pre-paid Cards